Finding Us

Finding Us at Penny Lane

Here are a list of routes and information you can use to help find Penny Lane Development Trust.

By Car

Satnav Users: 70 Penny Lane, Liverpool, L18 1BW
Map Users: Google maps
Note: Penny Lane Development Trust was built after Google Maps, so if you are looking for us on Google Maps, we are in place of the building with shuttered windows. We are next to Dovedale Towers.

By Taxi

Address: Penny Lane Development Trust, 70 Penny Lane, Liverpool, L18 1BW
Private Companies:
Davy Liver Taxis (0151 708 7080)
Village Taxis (0151 427 7909)
Black Cab: Picture on the right. These black cab taxis are situated mainly in the Liverpool City Centre and also at the John Lennon Airport.
Note: Black cab taxis can be flagged down or you can ask people for directions to the nearest taxi rank in the Liverpool City Centre.

By Bus

Bus Number: 86, 86A, 86C, 86D, 86E, 80, 80A, 75, 76
Map View: Google maps
Note: All bus routes/numbers listed travel from the Liverpool City Centre and stop 2 minutes walk away from Penny Lane. 86A and 80A are airport buses, so their final stop is the John Lennon Airport.

By Train

Nearest Train Station: Mossley Hill Station
Network: City Line
Directions: From train station to PLDT
Note: We don't recommend the train journey to Penny Lane Development Trust unless you are happy with the 15 minute walk after arriving at Mossley Hill Railway Station.

You can get the train from Lime Street Station, Central Station or Moorfields Station, all 3 stations are located in the Liverpool City Centre.

Route Planner

Link: Route Planner
Note: The route planner can help you find the best and ideal way to PLDT, however this is best used by the local community.

We highly recommend you do some research before visiting PLDT as the information on this page was last updated on:
23rd November 2012 and may no longer be correct/up-to-date.

The Penny Lane Development Trust are not responsible for the content of external sites.

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