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Happy New Year


Penny Lane Development Trust will kick start the New Year by unveiling the Octopus Mosaic.


For the past 7 months we have been working on a beautiful art project for the Garden.


The Mosaic has been designed by two of our volunteers – Dionne Ward and Paul Kenny.  Many people have had an input into the works of the mosaic including local residents, young people and tourist.


The mosaic will be situated on the back of the sandstone wall in Penny Lane.  It will be a main feature of the Octopus’s Garden.


The Children from Dovedale School took part in a naming competition and this will be revealed at the unveiling.


The date of the unveiling is 31st January 2011

The Venue – Penny Lane Community Centre

The time 2pm.


Why not come along and join us in a wonderful coffee afternoon and see how this wonderful project is developing.