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Penny Lane Community Library


Some of our centre users have suggested that they would like to be able to call in


have a coffee and read a book.


We always listen to what our users want so………………


With a little Help from our friends…. We are setting up a small community library.



Local people can donate their used books ( in good condition only)


The aim will be to coincide with a coffee afternoon.  The dates for the coffee


afternoon’s will be on the site soon. 


You can call in have a coffee, meet new friends and if you want you can choose a


book.  If you like the book and want to borrow it.  It wil only cost 50p for two




We are hoping that during the summer local people will be able to benefit from


using the beautiful garden area that we have developed.  Reading a book will be a


nice compliment.  All here on Penny Lane beneath the Blue Suburban skies……




































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