Walking Groups

Walking Groups

A group of young mums approached staff at Penny Lane Development Trust and requested the support of setting up a walking group. With the aid of a coordinator from the local CHAT (Community Health Action Team), the walking groups were arranged.

We successfully completed a 12 week walk course on Tuesday nights. The walk consists of a trip down Penny Lane and a few laps round the beautiful Greenbank Park.

There was a huge effort involved in this project as all the mums go to work and they were really inspired to get healthy. There is no fee involved and the group get to socialise in their own community whilst at the same time getting healthy. The group met on a Tuesday night at Penny Lane Community Centre.

In addition to the young mums walking group, we also hosted the over 40s walking group. After doing their Yoga on a Wednesday, the group met up on a Thursday morning and followed a similar path to the young mums walking group. Both walking groups were a success. We thank everyone involved.

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Walking Groups at Penny Lane Development Trust
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