The Making Of The Mosaic

Octopus Mosaic Unveiling

The making and designing of the Octopus mosaic for the Octopus' Garden took many months of preparation and a lot of time to complete.

When Ringo Starr left The Beatles, he took a boat trip in Sardinia. While sitting on the deck with the Captain they talked about octopuses. The Captain told Ringo that the octopuses hang out in their caves and they go around the seabed finding shiny stones, tin cans and bottles to put in front of their cave like a garden. Ringo thought this was fabulous was inspired to write a song about this. "The Octopus' Garden" was the 2nd song Ringo wrote.

When the Penny Lane Development Trust (PLDT) had refurbished the disused building, we agreed that the rest of the site would benefit from having a garden area. Moreover, how the community can come together to take ownership of such a wonderful and tranquil place to call their own.

Research began and ideas flowed. It was agreed that the garden area would benefit from having some shade areas where local people can sit in comfort. Also some trees, benches, with water features and sensory plants. As the plans continued so did the ideas of who was going to look after it and how was it going to be managed.

After lots of consultation with local groups, it was agreed that the support of PLDT staff and a small sub group (Friends of the Octopus Garden) would be set up to look after and maintain the wonderful formation of this beautiful place.

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The making of the Octopus mosaic

The making of the Octopus mosaic
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