Environment - Autumn 2010

Environment Autumn 2010

One of our aims is to conserve the Environment in our project by creating a safe and peaceful space where our community can come together and socialise. Although the physical phase of the facility is complete we still have much to do on the outside.


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We have managed to get our grass green and to a level which can be managed by part-time staff and volunteers. Our aim is to have an accessible space ready in time for the spring. TEP have undertaken detailed garden landscape design. With this plan in place we will continue to work hard and with our vision will create a beautiful managed community garden.

Earlier this year in 2010, we celebrated the planting of our first tree, Mimi. Mimi is now turning a beautiful red colour and makes the garden area feel warm.

Recently we began working in partnership with the Greenbank Allotment Society to progress our work on the Octopus's garden. Once a week the Allotment group come to Penny Lane and give their time to help with the work. By working together we hope to have the garden ready for the spring.


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Mimi tree
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