Environment - Autumn 2011

Environment Autumn 2011

As the work in the Octopus' Garden continues to develop so too have the flowers and shrubs. The wild flowers have really grown wonderfully throughout Summer.


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Holly Lodge Girls School contacted Penny Lane Development Trust to get involved in developing the garden further. Throughout the weeks, a variety of art and textile projects were commenced to enhance the garden even more.

Of the many projects by the Holly Lodge Girls School, one of them was to create an information board for the gazebo. The board is for reflecting on the wild flowers and to look at what wild life has been attracted to the area because of the wild flowers. This brings in an educational aspect to the centre and allow for many local and visiting people to see how a local growth spot can become a beautiful oasis in the suburbs of the wonderful city, Liverpool.

ISG, the construction firm who build our facility very kindly donated this fantastic gazebo to the Trust. Although in the early stages of development the gazebo will bring about a new aspect of the project. By having a sheltered seating area outside of the facility we can now encourage schools to get involved.

A big thank you to ISG for their kind donation of our new gazebo and a big thank you to Holly Lodge Girls School for working alongside us in the Octopus Garden project.


Wild flowers on Penny Lane

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