Preserving the environment is one of the many important tasks in our project. We aim to create a safe and peaceful space where our community can come together, socialise, admire and enjoy.


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To build an environment within the Penny Lane Development Trust, a lot of planning was required. We had to go through a lot of different designs and sketches until we were satisfied with a general idea of how the environment would be built and appear.

The environment project started at the end of Summer 2010, not long after the building was built. Initially, our main roles were simply to clean up the grass area and maintain it. Overtime, our roles grew from planting trees to adding tiny decorations here and there.

Our environment project is an ongoing project and it will be some time before we can say it resembles anything like in our initial plans. We can, however, say that we've made a reasonable start! The entire process from the beginning (during 2010) till now has been a wonderful progression. We could not have done it without the public, the volunteers and the communities help. To everyone who has supported and helped with this environmental project, we cannot thank you enough. It is our combined effort that the "Garden" is starting to head in the right direction.

Still, we will always welcome anyone who wishes to help with our environment project. If you would like to be a volunteer or you have something to discuss regarding our environmental project, feel free to contact us.

Autumn 2010

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Autumn 2011
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