Penny Lane Development Trust is primarily run and managed by volunteers. Volunteers are an integral ingredient to the success of the project.


We have approximately 10 project based volunteers who work on the day to day running of the project. In addition to this there are a number of experienced volunteers who help out at events and on special occasions. All volunteers are local people who bring their experience and skills to the project.

Why do people volunteer?

Meeting plenty of new people is always a benefit from volunteering. It's about expanding your social horizons and meeting people from all walks of life.

Volunteering, for some people is considered unusual, so for these people it's all about doing something different. Volunteering can sometimes be very inspiring and open your eyes to a different world, a different angle.

It's about doing something for the benefit of others, sometimes people less fortunate than yourselves. There are probably a hundred more reasons as to why people volunteer, but in some cases, it can certainly be a boost for your CV!


We will always welcome volunteers who wish to be be a part of our project. If you are interested in being a volunteer for the Penny Lane Development Trust, just get in touch with us and we can get something started! It doesn't matter if you can only help 10 minutes a day, or an hour a day, or 1 day a week or even on a daily basis, just volunteering to help will make a massive difference to our project and our work load.

Supporting The Community

Penny Lane Development Trust is always looking at how we can help other people in our community realise their own potential.

The PLDT have supported the Greenbank Allotment Society by helping them to put together their first bid for funding. The funding was to support them in their work of restoring an old run down Pre-Fab. By working together and sharing our knowledge and skills, this has turned out to be a successful working partnership.

With the support of the PLDT, a young man has taken the initiative to progress his desire to become a peer mentor to young men in football coaching. Oliver has now been to Ghana to help coach young people in football skills. Oliver's inspiration came to him after he approached the PLDT for support. By signposting Oliver in the right direction he was able to fulfil his goal.

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Time = Investment

Skills = Knowledge

Energy = Power to make change

Support = Encouragement

Insight = Aspiration
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