Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang

Chen Xiao Wang is the Grandmaster of Tai Chi Chuan / Taijiquan (???????? - ?????). Grandmaster Chen pays a visit to the Penny Lane Development Trust in 2011.

The Grandmaster was visiting the Kam Lau School of Tai Chi Chuan in Liverpool to promote his 14th annual seminar in 2011.

To have Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang visit Liverpool again is not only a great honour, but a fantastic opportunity for Tai Chi students to train and receive correction from one of the most famous Taijiquan masters in the world today.

Master Kam Lau teaches Tai Chi and Chi Kung at the Penny Lane Community Centre. By getting local people involved in this type of activity, it is hoped that the new experience will help relieve many ailments suffered by individuals who suffer from ME and MS. Master Lau is an expert in the field of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and has helped many people to overcome the various difficulties suffered by debilitating conditions.

Having Grandmaster Chen visit our project was a great honour for the staff at Penny Lane Development Trust. Grandmaster Chen displayed many of his techniques to Tai Chi students along with staff at Penny Lane.

Julie Gornell, Senior Charity Officer, at the Penny Lane Development Trust was proud to present Grandmaster Chen with a Penny Lane T-Shirt.

Famous Visitors

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang training with Master Kam Lau

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang training with Tai chi students

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang signing the Penny Lane wall
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