Judith Kristen

Judith Kristen

Judith Kristen is the author of 'A Date With A Beatle'. Judith is an amazing woman and dedicates a great deal of her time and energy to helping support charities, in particular the George Harrison Memorial Trust and various animal charities.

A Date with a Beatle

When Judith contacted the PLDT, she immediately wanted to find a way to 'Help' the project and raise its profile. What better way to do this than highlighting it to the many Beatles fans across the world?!

Judith attended The Beatles Festival in Chicago on August 2011 where she did book signing whilst promoting the Penny Lane Development Trust. Over 3000 flyers were distributed to the wonderful Beatles fans attending the festival encouraging them to visit Penny Lane, Liverpool.

If you haven't read the book 'A Date with a Beatle', I strongly recommend that you do. It is a wonderful fun packed hilarious adventure of a sixteen year old who would stop at nothing to meet her idol, and she did!

A big THANK YOU to Judith on her continued support of the PLDT!

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