The community plays a big part in our system. All help, big or small, given to support our charity will be used to give back to our community. We are here to make a difference and any help will be appreciated, acknowledged and gladly accepted.

The Penny Lane Development Trust is a community charity. We strive to bring quality, life and events to our local community. Without the community, we would and could not exist. Any help given to support our project will be used for projects that can only benefit the local community.

There are several ways you can do your part in helping the community and the Penny Lane Development Trust. One way is to be a fundraiser completing an event of your choice! If you are interested in fundraising for us, please do contact us beforehand so that we can do our part in supporting!

At the Penny Lane Development Trust, we are always looking for volunteers. Whether you wish to volunteer for an event, or you want to help out with our garden, or you want to do the odd job here or there, any sort of help will make a difference and we cannot thank you enough.

If you wish to contribute a donation to the Penny Lane Development Trust, we accept online donations. A big THANK YOU to all who make donations, we really appreciate your help!

Finally, we have a list of some famous visitors who you may or may not recognise but have graced us with their presence and time.



Famous Visitors

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