Penny Lane Gate

Penny Lane gate

At Penny Lane, the most amazing gate can be seen. Local people and tourists from across the globe are delighted to have their photograph standing in front of the Penny Lane Gate.

Penny Lane gate

In 2008 a young man, Aaron Givens joined our architects, Gilling Dod to undertake his two week work experience placement. Aaron was tasked to do some designs for the new Penny Lane project. The task was to create a design for the Penny Lane gates.

Aaron was sixteen years old and was proving to be a great design artist. Aaron was informed that the gates had to have a Beatles theme and he could choose which Beatles theme he wanted to portray.

The gates were created with the late George Harrison in mind. Aaron researched in great detail over several different periods to come up with a modern day Lotus Flower which would celebrate the spiritual side of George's life.

On top of the gates stand the Fab Four ... no not the Beatles but the four Trustees who have dedicated their time to creating this wonderful project! The letters displayed by the Trustees spells PLDT from the front.

Today the Penny Lane gate stands proudly as the entrance into the Penny Lane Development Trust. An iconic gate that is loved very much by the tourists as well the local community.


Before the penny lane gate construction

Inspection of the Penny Lane gate
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