Penny Lane Sign Wall

Penny Lane Sign Wall

A wall on Penny Lane for tourists and the local community to leave behind something on Penny Lane. Be it your name, a message or a loved one, it takes its place among the legacy of Penny Lane.

Penny Lane Sign Wall

When Nick Clegg's office asked if there was a part of the wall that Nick could sign, it was the beginning of a phenomenon. Local residents to official figures come to Penny Lane and for the first time, they can leave their mark.

Many tourists have expressed their happiness at being able to come to Penny Lane and see this wonderful project. They get to learn the history of Penny Lane and meet the Penny Laners.

The Penny Lane Sign Wall is turned into a post card and furthermore, the Trustees will portray the image in the new facility for all who visit to see. The first time ever that visitors will be recorded visiting Penny Lane and immortalised in our building.


The making of the Penny Lane Sign Wall

Signing the Penny Lane wall!

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