Octopus' Garden

Octopus' Garden

The Octopus' Garden project was inspired by Ringo Starr's song, The Octopus' Garden. The Octopus mosaic has been named Harrison Shade, the Eight Places of Peace in the Octopus' Garden.

The entrance of the Octopus' Garden

The Penny Lane Development Trust had discussed for a long time about what would be done with the grass area once the main building had been completed. A garden was suggested and combined with the ideas of the local public, a conclusion was decided. We would start a project where people could rest and relax, talk and enjoy the weather, admire the lovely scenery and enjoy the environment.

Many ladies volunteered to get the project rolling by creating an Octopus mosaic, inspired by The Beatles' drummer, Ringo Starr and his song, The Octopus' Garden. A lot of work, thought and attention to detail was required to put together a masterpiece that would be attached to the Penny Lane sandstone wall.

The Octopus mosaic, when finished was fitted to the wall and unveiled to the public. Trees were planted here and there, flowers were scattered everywhere. The pieces of the Octopus Garden jig-saw were beginning to fall into place. Slowly, the once unkempt grass field of Penny Lane was gradually flourishing with life and started to resemble what we could call a garden.

A zebra crossing was painted across the floor, more flower beds were arranged, a doorway into the Octopus Garden erected. The Octopus' Garden project is still far from complete, but the seeds have been sown and with all the hard work put in by everyone such as the Trustees, volunteers, supporters and more, the Octopus' Garden is taking giant strides in becoming the beautiful garden of Penny Lane.


Initial phase of the Octopus Mosaic

The making of the Octopus Mosaic

Preparing the wall

Unveiling of the Octopus Mosaic
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